The results of a million US$ research of the so called "osmosis" problem which occurs in polyester/fiberglass boat hulls.

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Important note:

During 2001 the HYAB technique became too expensive in USA and EU because new environmental laws demanded far to complicated hull covers and smoke filters.
However the research proceeded to find still better and less costly means for hydrolysis treatment.

An exciting technique invented by the English team Terry Davies and John Ashton: The HotVac system was found to be almost possible to use and after my recommendation to increase the treatment temperature from 85° C to 105° C the technique worked even better and considerably cheaper than the Hyab one.

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Today, 2003, all former HYAB centres have instead HotVac equipment and a large number of yards around the world also are HotVac eqquipped.

Therefore, when in the book HYAB Osmocure is mentioned, replace that with HotVac.

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