Serious osmose

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Posted by Robbert Wiezer on February 14, 2005 at 04:15:08:

Posted by Robbert Wiezer on March 20, 2003 at 17:10:45:
Dear mister Blomberg,
I’m a dutchman and english isn’t my strongest language so i hope you ‘ll understand me.
Last year i bought my 25year old cristina 24ft problem. When it was taken out of the water, it seamd to have osmose. On the advice of a so called expert i removed the gelcoat with heat and a scraper. I was shocked by what i saw: a thin polyesther skin full of white spots variating from 1square centimeter to 30square cm. The toplayer had delaminated from the previous. I called the expert for advice and he told me to remove the biggest delaminated parts, wash the boat with clean water serveral times and let it dry on the wind. Next measure the humidity and when dry enough i should fill the holes with glasfibrecloth/mat and polyesther. Than sand it and finally relaminate the whole underwatership with one layer of glascloth/mat in 7 layers epoxy. I followed his advice and so i removed the biggest “white spots”(that still leaves hundreds of small ones). Yestherday the boat was measured on humidity and it’s nearly dry enough so it’s soon time to get further. There is only one problem i’m absolutely not sure that it will be a good solution if i follow the instructions given sofar. I don’t know much about the osmose-proses but i can imagine that the hundreds of small “white spots”/ delaminations will be a basis for future trouble.Would you please give me some advice before i work myself into deeper trouble. I did take digital pictures of the underwatership and they show the situation very clear. Is there a possibility to send some of them to you?
I look forward to your reaction,
Kind greatings,
Robbert Wiezer

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