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Posted by John H. on May 29, 2000 at 11:44:59:

In Reply to: Answer to the Halpin family posted by Bengt Blomberg on May 26, 2000 at 16:00:56:

: If you check the first half of the hull with a moisture
: meter you will probably find a clear border were the
: readings become lower. That is where the foam filling
: ends.

Hello Bengt:
Yes there is a lower reading.

: 2. You mention the hull as stripped. Do you mean that
: the gelcoat has been removed?
answer: the barriercoat and gelcoat have been removed. We are down to glass.

: 3. Where is the boat situated?
answer: boatyard on blocks and stands.

: 4. Were there any blisters in the gelcoat?
answer: not heavily,but some blisters.

: 5. Can you meassure with a litmus paper if there is
: acid readings in the hole you have drilled?
answer: I have talked to marine surveyors and have rented the Gushon (sp.?) Brother's video on how to repair this problem and noone has mentioned a litmus test. Can you explain this procedure to me please?

: Regarding the heating, I recommend to skip both that
: and the tenting. It is just a waste of time and money.
answer: I've done this for 2-3 weeks and the reading has gone up. It's interesting that the marine surveyors I have spoken to at the boatyard have been saying I have to just let it sit there and dry naturally even if it takes 6 months. Then I have a friend who is very knowledgable about boats that says that if it is his boat he would forget the readings, put on one coat of gel coat, 6 coats of barriercoat and two coats of paint and put it in the water. In addition, we climbed in under the decks in the stern and found that the foam construction that the boat was built with, consists of 4 strips of foam and we drilled through with a 1" hole saw from the inside. Removed the innerfiberglass which was approx. 1/4" thick, and got to the foam. And the foam was saturated. Started dripping etc. I had accessibility to the stern from under the decks but as you say, when you go in the engine room, there is no way to get to the foam bat (?). When they built the boat, it was done so that there is probably a 4" bat that they used for the top of the boat to sit on over the hull.
Is this additional information helpful? Or do you have any other questions we can answer? With the information at hand do you still feel that the method you have suggested is the way to remedy this? And if so, could you elaborate on it, cost etc? I would be happy to sketch the hull. Would a picture be helpful?
: Most appreciatively, John

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