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Posted by gregg lind on April 02, 2000 at 01:06:51:

I am really new to boating so I posted a question on and got a reply from a person stating that the problem is osmotic blistering but he was not sure. I took my digital camera and took a picture. I have a copy of the picture to mail if I can get a e-mail address.

The boat was going to be a starter boat, and the reason I liked the boat was everything was in great condition and for the HP and condition and looks and the price of 5K I was really interested. Then I asked why is this boat so cheap? Then he pointed out what I thought he call Gel bubbles.

Most/all of the divots/ "gel bubbles" are popped, and I did not see one blister. But they look like little creators in boat gel coat. Most of them are on this ridge on the bottom of the boat. But from what I can tell most are the size of a pencil eraser. The boat is a Glastron model year 1990. The salesman stated he thought it was only cosmetic and really would not effect the boats performance. He stated the boat that was left in the water during the summer months (4-5 months) and then stored in the winter. He has not seen much of this on boats in the Iowa area. ( My belief the price was so low was because of the blisters.) They stated they did not plan to fix the boat, but did buff the boat down to remove all lake algae and notice blistering. He pointed out he thougth is was becuase of the lake's black algae that this occured.

I can mail a picture of the boat/blister and notice where the blister are they seem to follow this pattern along the ridge on the baots bottom, I did not see any on the flat parts of the boat. But after reading your article I was going to check it out more.

This boat seem to be in great shape other than these little blister creators. I also notice they are about 1/16 inch deep, and I was going back to check the boat out on Tuesday. Could you give me some pointers to look for or do. I plan to tap the boat with a steel and also was going to bring a dental tool to see if the fiberglass is delaminating.

Also, the salesman said he would not repair them. I get that this is mainly a looks issue.... From your article this seem to be more of a pimple rash than a sever problem? Also any info on a Do It Yourself repair method would be helpful.

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