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Posted by Bengt Blomberg on March 30, 2001 at 12:49:05:

Hello Loek.
If you do what you propose to a hull that won't dry completely
you will for sure run into severe trouble in a few years!!!
During tha last 8 years I have surveyed hundreds of hulls "repaired
like that and they have ALL had worse damages than before the "repair".
The difference in result is much bigger than the difference in prices!
What you are suggesting is a waste of money only (if you do not do it
only for the purpose of gettin rid of the boat to someone who does not
not understand better).
Regarding the heat, after the HYAB treatment there is no part of the laminate
left that has been heated over 90C except for some pure fibre glass
fibres which without problem can withstand much higher heat. All else that
has been heated over the 90C is blown or scraped away.
Further, a laminatee, that has suffered hydrolysis enough to show blisters,
has always lost at least 25% of its structual strength and stiffness. This can
never be restored without heating. A few layer of new laminate does not help much.
Regards Bengt

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